The NYUAD Institute is a center of advanced research, scholarly and creative activity, and public workshops. Institute programs facilitate discussion between academics, students, professionals, and leaders from the UAE and from around the world. The Institute operates through two closely integrated areas: Programs and Research.

Institute Programs


One of the most exciting aspects of the Institute is that scholars, researchers, and artists from around the world come together to discuss vitally new ideas.

Al Bloom, Vice Chancellor of NYU Abu Dhabi
NYUAD Institute hosts a Film Screening of Abdullah, a film about loving music in a conservative family.

The Institute organizes scholarly activity and advanced research across a wide range of subjects, inviting leading thinkers from around the world to share discourse around pressing global issues. Programs include lectures, artist talks, film screenings, conferences and workshops, panels, and performances. — Learn more about NYUAD Institute Programs

Institute Research


It is that constant, continuous ability to bring top discourse to Abu Dhabi that I think has been one of the great success stories of the Institute.

Fabio Piano, NYU Abu Dhabi Provost and Professor of Biology
Public Lecture: Mimicking the Senses of Taste and Smell

The NYU Abu Dhabi Institute promotes cutting-edge and innovative research through the support of its 12 centers and labs.

From the genomics and climate science to the humanities and Arabic literature, the projects benefit from our location in Abu Dhabi and contribute significantly to scholarship, scientific understanding, and artistic creativity. — Learn more about NYUAD Institute research

Research Highlight

NYU Abu Dhabi Senior Humanities Fellow Marcel Kurpershoek traveled to the Arabian desert in the 1980s to record oral poetry and stories with the Bedouin people. He wrote a book about his fieldwork, which inspired a TV series called The Last Bedouin.