Laboratory for Advanced Neuroengineering and Translational Medicine

The Ramadi Lab for Advanced Neuroengineering and Translational Medicine develops innovative approaches for the modulation of neural activity throughout the body. We combine mechanical, electrical, materials, and bio-engineering toolkits towards designing minimally invasive technologies for neuromodulation. Our projects are translational in nature and are focused on addressing a specific need in clinical care. Our goal is to develop novel diagnostics and therapies for neurologic, metabolic, and immune disorders using technologies such as implantable microdevices, nanoparticles, and electroceuticals.


Name Title
Khalil Ramadi, PhD
Principal Investigator
Leticia Pereira
Lab Manager and Research Assistant
Sadaf Usmani, PhD Research Associate
Hanan Mohammed, PhD Postdoctoral Associate
Mohamed Elsherif, PhD Postdoctoral Associate
Devjoy Dev PhD Student / Graduate Research Assistant
Aleksa Petković NYUAD Undergraduate Student
Aliha Nisha NYUAD Undergraduate Student
Aste Mayaya NYUAD Undergraduate Student
Julie Matula NYUAD Undergraduate Student
Mahmoud Elbeh NYUAD Undergraduate Student
Seung-Jean Kang NYUAD Undergraduate Student
Valeria Zhou NYUAD Undergraduate Student
Yasmine El Hajj NYUAD Undergraduate Student

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Laboratory for Advanced Neuroengineering and Translational Medicine

Khalil Ramadi
Principal Investigator; Assistant Professor of Bioengineering