Center for Astrophysics and Space Science

The Center for Astrophysics and Space Science is a merger of the Center for Space Science and the Center for Astro, Particle and Planetary Physics. It is composed of a unique combination of theorists, observers, and instrument builders dedicated to understanding the nature of the cosmos. Our research spans an incredible vast range of temporal and spatial astronomical scales, from our own Sun and its planets to the whole Universe. CASS hopes to enhance facilitating and investigating for future progress in five core research areas.

Researcher Areas

These five interconnected and interdisciplinary research areas are naturally complementary, and are intrinsically inter-connected by the common goal of understanding the cosmos. They will try to answer similar questions from different perspectives, using complementary theoretical, computational, and observational approaches. 

Rotation of the Planet Mars
Animated rotation of the Planet Mars, made using EXI Instrument onboard the Emirates Mars Mission: Hope

In this short conference hosted by NYUAD/CASS, research presentations will be given on the topic of time-resolved observations of objects in galaxies that vary. Galaxies are relatively stable structures over millions (but possibly not billions) of years. However, galaxies are teeming with erratically variable sources. This zoo of flickering, pulsating, dipping, flaring and oscillating objects provide a wealth of information about exotic objects in our galaxy and others. In this workshop, many of these variable sources will be discussed. From relatively normal stars, to compact objects such as black holes and neutron stars, these objects vary on accessible timescales from milliseconds to decades and longer. Reviews will be given by world experts on pulsars, fast radio bursts (FRBs) and X-ray binaries (XRBs). Recent research on objects such as pulsating stars, ultacompact binaries, active Galactic nuclei (AGN) and magnetars will be presented, as well as X-ray telescopes and instrumentation. An informal, discussion-oriented atmosphere is encouraged.

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Spaced Out Podcast 

CASS produced and launched Spaced Out, the University’s first-ever podcast dedicated to astronomy and space science. Aimed at promoting scientific ideas and igniting curiosity among the public about astronomy and space science, the podcast features NYUAD’s own experts in the field, as well as guest speakers from the space sector and other academic institutions. Listen below!