Global Relevance, Local Perspective
Research at NYU Abu Dhabi seeks to expand human knowledge. From scholars at the top of their field to some of the world’s most promising students, the NYUAD community is conducting research on the vanguard of almost every field. The collaborative nature drives discoveries that are making the world a better place through innovation, curiosity and exploration.

Research Institute Centers

As part of the Research Institute, the Centers represent NYUAD's multidisciplinary approach to the discovery of new knowledge.

Faculty Labs and Projects

Discover how NYUAD's labs and projects address some of the world's most complex challenges of global significance.


Research Impact
Research Outreach

Research Outreach shares NYUAD's top-quality research, catalyzes new activity, and connects NYUAD locally, regionally, and internationally. Learn more about Research Outreach at NYUAD.

Research Public Engagement

Research Public Engagement explores ways to communicate, influence, and engage the public in areas of research through programs, events, and initiatives.

Kawader Research Assistantship Program

Kawader is a unique, national capacity-building research fellowship program that allows outstanding graduates to gain experience in a cutting-edge academic research environment.

Academic Divisions

The NYU Abu Dhabi community is progressing research in almost every field. 

Research Facilities and Support

From high-performance computing to electron microscopy, NYUAD provides access to state-of-the-art facilities and equipment.

Core Technology Platforms

Shared facilities that support research across disciplines with a suite of research-grade equipment.

Laboratories Operation and Maintenance

Lab Ops provides support for research and teaching to all of NYUAD labs and divisions.

Center for Research Computing

Research Computing consists of the infrastructure, applications, expert staff, policies, and other resources required to support computational and data-intensive activities related to research.

NYU Abu Dhabi Library

The Library provides an extensive range of technologies and physical and electronic resources needed for research and teaching. It is fully connected to NYU Libraries e-resources in New York, providing seamless access for our global scholars.

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Undergraduate and Postdoctoral Research
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