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NYUAD Explains is a series of short, insightful videos about us and the world we live in. Topics are explained by NYU Abu Dhabi researchers.

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  • Making a home in the UAE

    The Arts Center at NYUAD has been running Hekayah | The Story for the past six years. The idea is simple: an annual celebration of the UAE’s diversity, realised as a programme of performances in different spheres by performers from different countries.

    Magpie |
  • More than meets the eye: what else goes on at The Arts Center

    What’s an arts centre for? Well, there’s always a need to introduce the audience to new experiences and to show them connections that they might have missed, and maybe that testing of boundaries is a key role for them.

    Magpie |
  • Washington DC Celebrates UAE’s Golden Jubilee With a Special Art Exhibition

    Conceptualizing the UAE’s contemporary art scene from almost 8,000 miles away, NYU Abu Dhabi Art Gallery has partnered with The Middle East Institute’s Arts and Culture Center to exhibit ‘Between the Sky and the Earth: Contemporary Art from the UAE’ at the Middle East Institute art gallery in Washington.

    Vogue Arabia |
  • UAE's 50th anniversary to be marked in Washington with an art exhibition

    Presented by The Middle East Institute's Arts and Culture Centre and the NYU Abu Dhabi Art Gallery, it will feature works of 12 artists from the Emirates.

    The National |

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