Competitions offer a unique learning experience for students working in sustainability.


Spring and fall 2023 shows explore human-landscape relations as they manifest in contemporary art practice. 

NYUAD faculty place their courses in context of the wider climate crisis with suggestions for their own respective fields.



Research at NYU Abu Dhabi deepens our understanding of the world and ourselves.

Humanizing The Future

What people think of as the future of technology is the work of some faculty on campus at NYUAD today.

Refugee Prejudice

Self-reflection on ancestor's
immigration history can make
people more empathetic
towards others.

Workplace Bias

A new study shows the extent to which discriminatory thinking influences hiring practices in the workplace.

This is NYU Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi and New York University set out to develop a new model of higher education. This is the story of NYU Abu Dhabi and its pioneering global community of students and faculty. Watch the full-length film.

Faculty Highlights

NYU Abu Dhabi faculty are researchers, scholars, and artists of extraordinary distinction within and beyond their disciplines.

David Blakeslee, Associate Professor of Economics

David Blakeslee’s research spans a variety of topics pertaining to rural development. He has authored papers on household adaptation to water access, and the effects of growth in the non-agricultural sector on the livelihood strategies of agricultural household.


Upcoming Events

NYU Abu Dhabi offers a lively forum for the exchange of ideas with local audiences as well as worldwide academic and research communities. See all upcoming events.

James Kelly: Phonography

February 3-16, 2023

Phonography exhibits research carried out by Dr James Kelly looking at vinyl records and their use in music composition, performance, and sound art. 

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