NYUAD Daily COVID-19 Symptom Check

Facilitating access to campus for all campus residents (students, faculty, staff, and their family members) as well as staff and faculty approved to come onto campus for administrative and academic purposes.

Step 1: Signing in

Select your affiliation:

  • Faculty, student, or staff (requires NET ID and password)
  • Campus Household Resident (e.g., family member, dependent, domestic helper)
  • Third party authorized to work on campus

Create an Account:

  • Campus Household Resident: Prior to you using the Symptom Check app your NYUAD apartment leaseholder will need to add you as a household occupant. You will then need to enter the NetID of the apartment leaseholder on the Symptom Check app on the "Create an account" page and complete the remaining necessary fields in order to use the app.
  • Third party authorized to work on campus: For first time use you will need to create an account and enter your Emirates ID number.

Step 2: Uploading required (and optional) documents

  1. COVID-19 Test Date: Enter the date of your most recent COVID-19 test (within the last seven days). 
  2. COVID-19 Test Result: Upload a screenshot (from Al HOSN app or SMS) of your negative result from either a diagnostic test or the COVID-19 NYUAD Screening Study. 
  3. Environmental Health and Safety Certificate (optional): All students, faculty, and staff must complete the online safety training. Uploading the certificate is optional, but it may be requested by EHS or Public Safety.
  4. NYUAD ID Badge (optional): To facilitate having all your requirements in one single app, you have the option to upload a photo of your NYUAD ID badge. 

Step 3: Complete the symptom questions

Complete the required COVID-19 symptom questions in the app, which must be done every day you want to access campus. Once complete, click on ‘Submit’ to confirm your responses.

Step 4: Receiving authorization to be on campus

If you have no symptoms, you will see a screen with all of your uploads. If you have a smartphone or laptop, show this screen to the public safety officer at one of the campus entry points for approval. Once they have approved your uploads, they will ask you to scan a QR code OR give you a text code to enter. If you do not have a smartphone or laptop, print the screen with your uploads and present this to a public safety officer.

If you do have COVID-19 symptoms, please remain home and the COVID-19 Response Team will contact you for appropriate follow-up action.

Step 5: Moving around campus

Following authorization, a green screen will appear on the app OR the public safety officer will put a sticker on your ID badge. This green authorization screen OR ID badge sticker must be shown to a public safety officer when entering buildings for the rest of the day.