Saima Khan

Postdoctoral Associate Affiliation: NYU Abu Dhabi
Education: BS North South University; M. Soc. Sci National University of Singapore; PhD National University of Singapore

Research Areas: Education Economics, Development Economics, Propensity Score Matching

Having obtained her PhD in Economics in November 2017, Saima's focus thus far has been on studying the relationship between school-types and its subsequent impact on student achievement in the slums of Dhaka city, the capital of Bangladesh. Between 2015-2016 and 2018, in collaboration for Professor John C. Ham, she conducted two waves of data collection on children attending different schools in two of Dhaka's slums.

Going forward, she is keen on conducting research on asset accumulation and schooling choices in Dhaka's slums, with particular focus on school turnover and dropout behaviour. Additionally, she is interested in studying labour markets and marriage market behaviour of young women after they complete their tertiary education in the context of developing countries.

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Using matching methods, she is currently working on comparing BRAC schools, one of the leading NGOs in Bangladesh to other school-types in Dhaka's slums. Additionally, she is also working on student turnover in Bangladesh urban schools and their achievement growth over time.