Romain Ferrali

Postdoctoral Associate Affiliation: NYU Abu Dhabi
Education: BA Sciences Po; MA Sciences Po; MSc London School of Economics; PhD Princeton University

Research Areas: Social Networks; Development; Corruption; Organizations

Romain Ferrali studies how social networks influence political outcomes. He is particularly interested in issues related to development, especially in North and Sub-Saharan Africa. His research uses game theory and a variety of quantitative methods including network analysis, causal inference, and structural estimation. His main project examines the relationship between the network structure of an organization and corruption. He explains why corruption sometimes involves vast conspiracies, and sometimes isolated individuals, and proposes ways of designing organizations that are more resilient to corruption. 

Romain holds a BA in Political Science and Middle Eastern Studies from Sciences Po, an MA in Economics and Public Policy from Sciences Po, an MSc in Economic History from LSE, and a PhD in Politics from Princeton University.