• Publications

    Aköz, K. K. and Arbatli, C. E. (2016), Information Manipulation in Election Campaigns. Econ Polit, 28: 181–215. doi:10.1111/ecpo.12076

  • Working Papers

    Manipulation through Biased Product Reviews (joint with Cemal Eren Arbatli and Levent Çelik)

    Investing in Bargaining Positions with Counter Offers and Preemptive Offers (joint with Nejat Anbarci and Kang Rong)

    Rents from Power for a Dissident Elite and Mass Mobilization (joint with Pablo Ignacio Hernandez-Lagos)

    Can Public Sector Employment Reduce Widespread Corruption? (joint with Abdul G. Noury)

    The Political Consequences of Racial/Ethnic Tension: Theory and Evidence (joint with K. Peren Arin and Christina Zenker)

    Revisiting the Democracy-Private Investment Nexus: Does Inequality Matter?} (joint with Benjamin Barber IV, Jeffrey Jensen and Christina Zenker)