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NYU Abu Dhabi science faculty and researchers are frequently featured in local and international media.

Why NYU Abu Dhabi researchers are studying the evolution of falcons
Findings point to how new species of birds, mammals emerge, adapt to the environment
Gulf News | August 03, 2022

UAE: Falcon genes hold key clues to understanding speciation, researchers find
A team of researchers at NYU Abu Dhabi have discovered a strong link between how a genome is structured and how a species evolves.
New York Folk | July 03, 2022

NYU Abu Dhabi researchers unlock keys to falcons’ evolutionary success
The researchers’ newly-developed falcon genomes and findings of unique evolutionary patterns in falcons could make falcons a model for the study of the links between genomic evolution, speciation, and environmental adaption.
Emirates News Agency | June 30, 2022

Abu Dhabi: Researchers unlock keys to falcons’ evolutionary success, find new clues about how other species evolve
Scientists find links between the birds' genomes and those of mammals.
Khaleej Times | June 30, 2022