Edson Munoz Herrera

Postdoctoral Associate Affiliation: NYU Abu Dhabi
Education: PhD in Sociology, University of Groningen; MSc in Economics, University of Valencia; BSc in Economics, Industrial University of Santander

Manu Muñoz-Herrera is a behavioral economist studying the relationship between individuals and their social ties. His research interests focus on how particular individual features (e.g., social identity, individual skills) shape the benefits and gains people can attain from their social networks. He also focuses on the conditions under which different types of interactions (e.g., personal versus impersonal) serve better purposes and allow the different parties to reach higher gains.

He is currently developing an experimental project on the effect of social identities in facilitating integration (or leading to segregation) between populations that are in conflict. 

He is also working on an experimental project that studies how to promote efficiency in the workplace when there are limited opportunities to supervise and control the effort workers exert in the tasks they have to perform.

His research interests include social networks, social norms, behavioral game theory, and experimental economics.

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