Working Papers

  • “Using Cheap Talk to Polarize or Unify a Group of Decision Makers,” Resubmitted to Journal of Economic Theory [PDF]
    **The previous version of this paper was titled "Cheap Talk and Collective Decision-Making: Voting Rules and Informed Decision Makers."

  • “Job Market Signaling with Imperfect Competition Among Employers,” R&R at International Journal of Game Theory [PDF]

  • “Stable Constitutions” with Semin Kim. [PDF]
    **The previous version of this paper was titled "Interim Self-stable Decision Rules."

Work in Progress

  • Journals

    “A Test for Normality in the Tobit Model” with Jinook Jeong, The Korean Journal of Economics, Vol. 22 (2015), No. 1 (Special Issue), 61-70.

    “Fourth Industrial Revolution and Innovative Capacity of South Korea: Comparative Analysis of Major Industrial Nations with US Patent Data, 1976-2015" with Jihong Lee and Hyunkyeong Lim (in Korean), Economic Analysis, Vol. 24(2018), No. 3, 37-81 [PDF]