Postdoc and Researcher Council

The Postdoc and Researcher Council is a group of postdoc and research leaders that interface between members of the postdoctoral and research communities and the upper administration of NYU Abu Dhabi. The Postdoc and Researcher Council constitute an important forum for policy advocacy dedicated to building a vibrant postdoctoral and researchers community life. The Council also organizes social events for NYUAD postdocs and researchers.

2018-2019 Council

Council Members Division   Program Role
Christin Koeber
Science Psychology Chair
Claudia Fernandes Science Psychology Member
Laura Manenti Science Physics Member
Payaswini Saikia Science Physics Member
 Birga Schumpe Science Psychology Member
Georgia Michailidou Social Sciences Economics Member
Bharadwaj Mantha Engineering Civil Engineering Member
Rafael Sanchez Crespo Engineering Mechanical Engineering Member
Daniel Bramich Science Physics Advisor and Chair
Konstantinos Petrakopoulos Science Climate Change Member