Celeste Cecilia Moles Lo Turco

Celeste Cecilia Moles Lo Turco
SWFs and Sustainability Expert

Dr. Celeste Lo Turco is a Sovereign Wealth Funds and Sustainability Expert.

Dr Celeste Lo Turco worked for the SWFs Strategic Committee of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the SWFs Law Centre. She was the advisor for the Italian Municipalities National Association on the development of the national economy through the relationship with SWFs.

Former United Nations analyst with a specialization in Security and Middle-East Political Affairs, she worked within the United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute (UNICRI).

The Middle East has been her house for more than nine years. Previously based in the United Arab Emirates as Vice President Strategy for Future Holding, a Lebanese family office based in Dubai, she now lives in Saudi Arabia where she works as a Director at NEOM.

A Georgetown University Fulbright Visiting Researcher, she holds a PhD in Political Theory and a master’s degree in International Relations, Markets and Institutions of the Global System.