Bharathy Premachandra

Research Assistant Affiliation: NYU Abu Dhabi
Education: MSc, Applied Psychology, Coventry University; BA, Financial Economics, University of Essex

Bharathy is soon to be a fresh graduate of NYU-GSAS with an Masters in General Psychology. Prior to this, she received an MSc in Applied Psychology from Coventry University and Bachelors in Financial Economics from the University of Essex. Bharathy has always been drawn to the psychological processes behind economic and social inequality and how individuals and groups operate in such contexts, with a particular interest in its implications on education. She believes that it is imperative for policymakers to have the requisite empirical information to not only consider political, cultural, and economic concerns but include psychological processes in the design and implementation of interventions, and hopes to advocate for this as part of her career goals. In the lab, Bharathy is involved in a meta-analysis exploring the associations among quality indicators in early childhood education and relations with child outcomes.

Courses Taught