WESSI 2013-2014

January 7-23, 2014
NYU Abu Dhabi

The Institute is designed to provide training for social science graduate students and junior faculty in experimental methods, broadly defined. The institute will provide training in lab, field, lab-in-the-field, and survey experimental methodology and cover a broad range of substantive topics in the social sciences drawn from economics, political science, and sociology. Practical training for lab-in-the-field experimentation will be provided. The Institute will also include a special module on the issues and concerns of conducting experiments in the Middle East and surrounding region.

  • Module 1: Short Introduction to Experimental Social Science Methods

    The first module will provide students with an understanding of the experimental method in the social sciences and a basic overview of different types of experiments. Topics covered: Rubin Causal Model, Random Assignment, Control, and Formal Theory Approach to Experimentation. Students will be introduced to z-tree and other software used in experiments. For students who already have training in experimental methods, alternative advanced training and instruction will be provided.