Student Research


NYU undergraduate students may use the laboratory for Capstone or other research projects if all of the following criteria are satisfied:

  1. The student has taken a course in Experimental Methods in the Social Sciences taught at NYUAD or NYU New York and has earned at least a A- in such a course. Alternatively, students may meet the course requirement by serving as an Undergraduate Researcher at SSEL for a semester.
  2. An NYUAD or NYU New York Faculty Sponsor has agreed to supervise the experimental research project. Both the Student and the Faculty Sponsor have received NYUAD Human Subjects Certification and such certification is on file with SSEL. To receive certification by the CITI program. Once certified, please print a pdf version of the certification and email it to Arusyak Hakhnazaryan, Assistant Director, SSEL Technology, and ask to be added as a PI for SSEL.
  3. The project follows the general use protocol guidelines.
  4. All experimental sessions will be supervised by SSEL personnel and conducted at times when SSEL personnel can be present.On rare occasions, with the Director of SSEL’s permission, the Faculty Sponsor may substitute for SSEL personnel.
  5. All subject payments must be supervised by SSEL personnel. On rare occasions, with the Director of SSEL’s permission, the Faculty Sponsor may substitute for SSEL personnel.
  6. Students do their own computer programming with the assistance and instruction of SSEL personnel. Before an experiment is scheduled, the student must conduct a trial run in the SSEL laboratory with SSEL personnel demonstrating that the computer program works as the student has promised.

Institutional Review Board Approval

All experiments conducted in the SSEL Lab, using SSEL laptops off-campus, or using subjects recruited through SSEL must satisfy the SSEL Protocol. Experiments conducted in the lab using the SSEL Protocol have IRB approval if an Experimenter has been officially added as a Principal Investigator with SSEL and received Human Subjects Certification.


The laboratory has 14 laptops that can be taken outside of NYUAD in order to conduct research by a faculty member or in collaboration with a faculty member. Students cannot use SSEL laptops outside of the lab unless in such collaboration and cannot recruit subjects from the SSEL subject pool for experiments outside of the lab unless they have received special permission from either Rebecca Morton.

Deadlines and Required Forms

  • In order to do a Capstone project at SSEL, you must fill out the commitment form by October 1 of your senior year.
  • Once you make the commitment, you need to submit your design for the Capstone by October 31 of senior year.
  • Students using the lab for an experiment must use the IRB approved SSEL Consent Form and SSEL Receipt. Submit the signed forms to Flora Alipio.


If you have any questions please email Arusyak Hakhnazaryan, Assistant Director, SSEL Technology.