Faculty Research

Institutional Review Board Approval

All experiments conducted in the SSEL Lab, using SSEL laptops off-campus, or using subjects recruited through SSEL must satisfy the SSEL Protocol. Experiments conducted in the lab using the SSEL Protocol have IRB approval if an experimenter has been officially added as a Principal Investigator with SSEL and received Human Subjects Certification. In addition, experiments conducted outside the lab must first receive IRB approval from the NYUAD Institutional Review Board before using the SSEL laptops or subjects recruited through SSEL and submit proof of such approval to Arusyak Hakhnazaryan, Assistant Director, SSEL Technology.

Required Forms

Experimentalists who use SSEL lab using the SSEL protocol must use the IRB approved SSEL Consent Form and SSEL Receipt. Submit the signed forms to the Finance department.


The laboratory has 14 laptops that can be taken outside of NYUAD in order to conduct research. However, if the experiment is to be conducted on the NYUAD campus or within reasonable commuting distance of NYUAD, unless there is a significant reason why subjects cannot come to the laboratory or would be reluctant to do so, the experiment must be conducted in the laboratory. Laptops can only be checked out by faculty who sign release forms taking responsibility for any missing equipment.


If you have any questions please email Arusyak Hakhnazaryan, Assistant Director, SSEL Technology.