SSEL Inaugural Workshop 2015

March 15, 2015
NYU Abu Dhabi

This inaugural workshop was held in honor of the new facilities of the Social Science Experimental Laboratory (SSEL) at NYUAD's new campus on Saadiyat Island.

List of Speakers

Speaker Affiliation Topic
James Andreoni
University of California San Diego How can a few Fair-Minded People Make the World a Better Place?
Olivier Bochet
NYU Abu Dhabi Frictions, Competition and Information in Lemons Markets: Experimental Evidence
Chetan Dave
NYU Abu Dhabi An Experimental Investigation of the Determinants of Teacher Quality: Risk, Patience or Altruism?
Pablo Hernandez-Lagos
NYU Abu Dhabi Political Identity and Trust
Rebecca Morton
NYU Abu Dhabi The Price of Religion: Experiments in Willingness to Bear Risk For Others in Islamic Communities
Diana Mutz
University of Pennsylvania The Psychology of Mass Trade Preferences: The Role of Ingroup Favoritism
Nikos Nikiforakis
NYU Abu Dhabi Are the Rich More Selfish Than the Poor?
Leeat Yariv
CalTech Collusion through Communication in Auctions