Lihua Guo

Research Associate Affiliation: NYU Abu Dhabi
Education: BA at Lanzhou University in China. Graduate school at Beijing University in China.

Lihua Guo taught an experimental course on molecular biology for undergraduate students and created transgenic orchid by biolistic transformation at Beijing University in the late 90s. Lihua moved to New York in 2002. She created transcription libraries of the vocalization center of zebra finch brain at Rockefeller University, created primary acinar cell cultures from mouse tear gland and glaucoma model at Weill Cornell Medical School, where she also worked with transgenic mice with stereology on brain interneuron development, adeno-associated virus construction, and purification and Next-generation sequencing. In Abu Dhabi, Lihua continues on virus construction and purification as gene vectors in the field of neuroscience. At home, Lihua likes culinary delights.