Tanvi Siddharth Toprani

Research Technician Affiliation: NYU Abu Dhabi
Education: MSc Amirta School of Biotechnology

Research Areas: COVID-19

Tanvi Toprani is a budding scientist curious to utilize her skills for unraveling the enigmas of scientific research. Having a collaborative background from the research sector at the National Institute of Immunology-Signal Transduction Lab and diagnostic field at Borg Laboratories has given her a broad spectrum of experience. Having this faith she joined Kris Gunsalus's team in 2020 for the Natural Product Drug Discovery study on Marine bacteria. Meanwhile she is also working with Dr Youssef Igadhour's COVID Saliva Screening study.

Her key aim is high throughput screening of novel compounds on resistant pathogens and to standardize the sensitivity of saliva as a clinical specimen for COVID detection.