Dhinoth Kumar Bangarusamy

Senior Research Scientist Affiliation: NYU Abu Dhabi
Education: BS (MCC, Madras University;MS (National University of Singapore (NUS)); PhD (Genome Institute of Singapore, NUS)

Research Areas: Drug discovery, High content screening, genomics, transcriptomics

Dhinoth Kumar Bangarusamy completed his Doctorate in cancer genomics (“Uncovering the functional mechanisms in cancer through integrative genomics”) from Genome Institute of Singapore, NUS, Singapore. After graduation, he spent nearly 15 years in the genomics industry on various roles (managing the applications support, heading the scientific operations of a genomics contract research organization, and managing research commercialization).

He has worked for Agilent technologies Pvt Ltd (Singapore), Scigenom labs & Agrigenome labs (India), A*STAR’s DxD hub, Singapore, and has managed the functional genomics division of the Bioscience Core lab at KAUST, KSA. Prior to his doctorate degree, he has worked at the Institute of molecular and cell biology (IMCB, Singapore) and ICRISAT Asia center (Molecular biology division) on various research projects. Before joining NYUAD, he spent nearly three years at Sidra Medicine, Qatar studying the role of microbiome on host genetics in the metabolic diseases, and a year at Hamad bin Khalifa University working on rare diseases and pharmacogenomics.

He joined the Center for Genomics and Systems Biology at NYUAD as a Senior Research Scientist on March 2022 to work on integrative high-content cytological and transcriptional profiling for drug discovery.


Integrative high-content cytological and transcriptional profiling for drug discovery.