Abdulla Almansoori

Research Assistant Affiliation: NYU Abu Dhabi
Education: BS in Industrial Engineering, 2016, Purdue University; MS in Computer Science, 2018, University of Southern California

Research Areas: Machine learning; Deep Learning; Artificial Intelligence

Abdulla Almansoori graduated with a BS in industrial engineering from Purdue University in May 2016 with distinction, and a MS in computer science from the University of Southern California in Dec 2018. He is currently working as a research assistant in the Center of Genomics and Systems Biology under Dr. Kristin Gunsalus. He is part of the Kawader Research Assistantship Program. He is currently working on solutions to existing projects in genomics and systems biology that are based on artificial intelligence.


I'm currently working in the Center of Genomics and Systems Biology, trying to incorporate AI-based solutions to existing projects in bioinformatics specifically. Recently, I have been working on an enhanced SIR model of COVID-19 that predicts its parameters based on a deep learning approach.