Intervention Design, Evaluation, and Applications at Scale (IDEAS) for Children

The core mission of IDEAS for Children is to provide robust evidence that supports the development of more effective and scalable interventions. IDEAS will communicate actionable evidence by engaging diverse stakeholders across sectors and regions and disseminating a rigorous evidence base upon which to base program and policy decisions for children and youth in LAMI and CA countries.

This evidence can be used by governments, non-governmental organizations, and funding organizations to develop better policies and practices to promote children’s holistic development in low-income countries, low-income and disadvantaged populations in middle-income countries, and conflict-affected countries. IDEAS will build institutional and organizational capacity for a robust global science through the provision of communication, professional development, and training activities.


Principal Investigator

J. Lawrence Aber
Professor of Applied Psychology

Co-Principal Investigator

Yoshikawa Hirokazu
Courtney Sale Ross Professor of Globalization and Education

Ms. Carly Tubbs, MA
Assistant Director for Program