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Why do falcons capture the imagination of scientists and artists alike?

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NYUAD Arts and Humanities faculty and researchers are frequently featured in local and international news media.

Falconry: The history of hunting with birds of prey
Rajan Datar asks what lies at the heart of the bond between humans and raptors, and explores the modern-day challenges to this ancient, and at times controversial, practice.
BBC World Service - The Forum | June 17, 2021

Le Portrait Francophone – Anne-Lise Tropato (in French) 
Anne-Lise Tropato has a doctorate in art history. She teaches artistic and cultural history of falconry at NYUAD.
Salut les Émirats | June 28, 2020

L’antica arte della falconeria, patrimonio dell’umanità (in Italian)
Falconry Researcher Anne-Lise Tropato talks about NYUAD's falconry project in this episode of the Italian podcast 'The Voice of Focus History'.
La Voce di Focus Storia | June 16, 2020

Arts and Culture: Tracing the visual history of falconry in the UAE
Anne-Lise Tropato talks to Gulf News about this important fixture in Arabian culture.
Gulf News | May 19, 2020

What falconry can teach us about diplomacy and feminism
A new course at NYU – Abu Dhabi is using falconry to teach students about everything from art history to heritage and the role of women in society.
The National | November 28, 2019

Falconry Research Project: database by UAE researchers shows ubiquity of predatory bird
Researchers at New York University Abu Dhabi are compiling a database of falconry imagery through history.
The National | December 7, 2017