Tropato, Anne-Lise

Visiting Scholar Affiliation: NYU Abu Dhabi
Education: BA, University of Toulouse II (France); PhD, University of Rome II (Italy)

Research Areas: Artistic and cultural history of Falconry, Artistic, intellectual and cultural international relationships in Early Modern Europe, Great European collections and collectors, Visual Print Culture, Heritage studies, Digital Humanities

Anne-Lise’s research focuses on falconry’s cultural history in the context of national and international relationships, and examines what human engagements with birds of prey across time and culture, reveal about the understanding and the definition of ourselves, of our civilizations, and our aspirations across a range of ethnic, religious, historical, and geographical differences. 

She works on the development and curation of a database of artistic representations of falconry (virtual collection), and on the scientific co-edition of a 2-volume book entitled Raptor on the fist – falconry and related imagery throughout the millennia on a global scaleThis book shows the universal use of the falcon-sign and the ability of falconry to capture the imagination. It questions the image people have, and have had, of falcons and falconry – throughout history, in different cultures, documented on a global scale, in a variety of visual and material representations. In addition, Anne-Lise created and teaches an interdisciplinary course on the cross-cultural exploration and analysis of falconry. She also continues her separate research and exhibition project on mental and visual imagery of women in falconry, bridging Europe and the UAE and challenging the idea of falconry as a masculine culture.