Rustom, Mohammed

Senior Humanities Research Fellow Affiliation: NYU Abu Dhabi
Education: BA, University of Toronto; PhD, University of Toronto

Research Areas: Islamic philosophy, Sufism, and Quranic hermeneutics

Mohammed Rustom obtained his PhD (Islamic philosophy and Quranic studies) in the University of Toronto’s Department of Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations in 2009, and is currently associate professor of Islamic Studies at Carleton University. An internationally recognized expert on Islamic philosophy, Sufism, and Quranic hermeneutics, his works have been translated into Albanian, Chinese, German, Italian, Persian, Spanish, and Turkish.

Rustom is the author of the award-winning book The Triumph of Mercy: Philosophy and Scripture in Mulla Sadra (SUNY Press, 2012), co-editor of The Study Quran: A New Translation and Commentary (HarperOne, 2015), translator of Abu Hamid al-Ghazali’s The Condemnation of Pride and Self-Admiration (Islamic Texts Society, 2018), and author of Inrushes of the Heart: The Mystical Theology of ‘Ayn al-Qudat (SUNY Press, 2020). At present, Professor Rustom is working on a translation and Arabic edition of ‘Ayn al-Qudat’s masterpiece of philosophical mysticism, Zubdat al-haqa’iq.

Professor Rustom has been the recipient of a number of international academic distinctions and honors, which include the Ibn Arabi Society Latina Tarjuman Prize (2016), The Institute of Ismaili Studies’ Annemarie Schimmel Fellowship (2018), and Senior Humanities Research Fellowships courtesy of the NYU Abu Dhabi Institute’s Library of Arabic Literature and Humanities Research Fellowship programs (2017–2020).

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