Research Fellows

Saqer Almarri

Research interests: Translation Studies, Trans* and Intersex Studies, Decoloniality Studies, Coloniality of Gender, and Gender and Islam

Noura Al Obeidli

Research interests: Feminism, Patriarchy, Media Studies, News Sociology, Gender Politics, Women Empowerment, Anthropology, Journalism, Press Freedom, Media Ethics, and Media Law

Eli Dollarhide

Research interests: Arabian archaeology; prehistoric Middle East; ancient landscapes; the origins of urbanism; cultural ecology; ceramics analysis

Anneka Lenssen

Research interests: modern and contemporary visual practices, with a focus on the cultural politics of art in the South West Asian/ North African region in a 20th and 21st century

Jan Loop

Research interests: the intellectual, religious and cultural history of Europe and the Near East, with a special focus on Western knowledge of the Arab, Ottoman and Persian world between 1450 – 1800.

Kathryn Miller

Research interest: Mediterranean cross-cultural trade, comparative legal history, Human Rights, medieval Iberia, and North Africa, religious minorities

Rachel Nicole Schine

Research interest: blackness, race, racialization, kinship, popular literature, adab, epic, sīra, Arabic literature, premodern, medieval, social history

Leila Tayeb

Research interest: sound and militarism, political authority in daily life, indigeneity and race in/and northern Africa, Islam and the state, state-sponsored performance, dance studies

Nadia Gail Yaqub

Research interest: Arab World; Film, literature, and photography, Visual Culture, Gender