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NYUAD researchers are frequently featured in local and international news media.

Imperial Mecca Shortlisted for the British-Kuwait Friendship Society Book Prize 
Michael Low’s book Imperial Mecca (CUP, 2020) has been chosen as one of the six shortlisted titles for the British-Kuwait Friendship Society Book Prize.
BKFS Book Prize | August 2021

Preserving Arabia’s Bedouin Poetry
When the Berlin Wall fell in November 1989, career diplomat Marcel Kurpershoek, second in command at the Dutch embassy in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, didn’t hear the news for months. That’s because he was on the move amid some of the most remote reaches of central Saudi Arabia, in the region called Najd.
AramcoWorld | May/June 2021

NEH Announces $24 Million for 225 Humanities Projects Nationwide 
The Bat Archaeological Project has been selected as a recipient of the 'Archaeological and Ethnographic Field Research' grant by the US National Endowment for the Humanities.
National Endowment for the Humanities | April 14, 2021

Cement, War, and Toxicity: The Materialities of Displacement in Iraq
Huma Gupta and Gabi Kirk, discuss with Kali Rubaii how ecologies of war have produced multiple waves of displacement and have intimately shaped the lives of displaced Iraqis through the materiality of cement.
Jadaliyya | June 8, 2020

'The Rise and Fall of Opec' is essential reading to understand the modern energy world and Middle East
Giuliano Garavini's book is a corrective to Western-centric accounts of the organisation, and a rare insight into international diplomacy at work.
The National | January 20, 2020

In Defense of Satan
Dr. Rustom sheds light on the figure of Iblis (or Satan) in the writings of ‘Ayn al-Quzat Hamadani, the 12th century Sufi mystic and jurist. 
Ajam Media Collective | June 23, 2019

The European Qur’an (EuQu) Awarded €10 million ERC Synergy Grant
Dr. Jan Loop, along with an international team of researchers, will study how the Quran has been interpreted, adapted, and used in Christian Europe from the Middle Ages through to early modern history.
European Research Council | October 23, 2018