Curricular Opportunities

Students at NYUAD may pursue a minor in Asian Studies through programs offered across NYU’s global network.

Minor in South Asian Studies

The Minor in South Asian Studies, which is administered by the Department of History, provides students with a broad comparative perspective on South Asia and the opportunity for greater concentration on a specific topic of interest or geographical locale. There is a wide range of options. Students might choose, for instance, to study a language and its literature, explore aspects of the colonial and postcolonial histories of South Asia, investigate the art and architecture of the region, explore contemporary political dynamics, analyze literary forms and cinema, or track the South Asian diaspora.

The course of study encompasses a range of disciplines, including Anthropology, History, Political Science, Art History, Literature, and two modern languages (Hindi and Urdu). Through a consortial exchange program with Columbia University, students may also study one of the region’s many modern or classical languages.

Minor in Global China Studies

China has again become a major force in the world, while increasingly the world is drawn to China. More than the scope of the conventional Area Studies, the innovative interdisciplinary major in Global China Studies allows students to build on the knowledge and critical skills gained from the core curriculum to deepen their understanding of global currents in China, whether at the level of state and society or of individuals, and in the context of commercial, religious, cultural, political and other interactions. At the same time, students will gain a greater awareness of the extraordinary complexity of what we call “China” and how that has come about. 

Majoring in Global China Studies at NYU Shanghai positions students to pursue graduate education and professional careers in a broad range of areas at the cutting edge of 21st-century experience.