Why Are We Conducting This Research?

  • To understand the legacies of family-owned enterprises in the GCC/MENASA region and draw lessons for the future of the region

  • To highlight the role played by family businesses in the culture, society, economy, and politics of the region

  • To develop a family business histories archive that will preserve the important history of family companies with NYUAD serving as a permanent scholarly and curatorial platform
1960 - Libya Delivery Driver and Van

Research Process

The Tharawat and NYUAD research team will:

  • Collect and centralize existing data and documentation on family businesses
  • Create/transcribe oral history interviews with families.
  • Create a digital archive and/or exhibition.
  • Foster scholarly research and publications in family business research.
  • Host annual workshops and events documenting the history of family businesses in the GCC/MENASA region.

What Will Happen With This Information?

  • Oral and written interviews will be collected, archived and used to jointly produce case studies, books, and other publications
  • Private archival information provided can be restored, digitized, and preserved in the NYUAD Archives & Special Collections


This research project is based on the principle of confidentiality. Families involved in this project will have complete control of the information they provide. No information will be archived or published without the written consent of the family.