Mark A. Bernard

Graduate Student Affiliation: NYU Abu Dhabi
Education: BS Morehouse College; MS Georgia Institute of Technology

Mark Bernard received a B.S. in chemistry from Morehouse College and an M.S. from the Georgia Institute of Technology, both in Atlanta, Georgia in the United States. He later entered the Ph.D. program at the University of Georgia, joining Timothy Dore’s lab. In August 2012, Mark moved to NYUAD with the rest of the Dore Laboratory.

Courses Taught

Research Synopsis

A solution to the challenge of spatiotemporal control of biological functions is the use of photolabile protecting groups (PPGs), which can activate and deactivate biological effectors using light. Coumarin-based PPGs are among the many types available, and current research is focused on optimizing their photochemical and biological properties. With properly-optimized PPGs, the possibilities for biological study are many, including spatially-controlled activation of neural pathways and time-controlled release of novel therapeutics.