Adna P. Muliawan

Graduate Student Affiliation: NYU Abu Dhabi
Education: BA, Classics, Emory University

After earning a B.A. in Classics from Emory University in 2010, Adna Muliawan joined the Ph.D. program in chemistry at the University of Georgia. In 2012, he moved to NYU Abu Dhabi to continue working in the Dore Laboratory.

Courses Taught


One way of achieving spatiotemporal release of a biologically active molecule is by attaching a photoremovable protecting group (PPG) - a moiety that deactivates the molecule when attached (“caged” form), but can subsequently release the active species by cleavage with light (“uncaging”), especially 2-photon excitation (2PE) using near-infrared light. Design of efficient PPGs with sensitivity to 2PE requires an understanding of the photochemical and photophysical processes involved in releasing the biological effector. Using a variety of techniques, the mechanism of photolysis of quinoline-based PPGs is under investigation.