Solar and Stellar Physics Group

Welcome to the Solar and Stellar Physics Group, which is part of NYU Abu Dhabi's Center for Space Science. The group is interested in the internal structure and outer atmospheres of the Sun and Stars. The main research fields include:

  • The cores of the Sun and stars generate a lot of heat, due to nuclear fusion. This heat must be transported to the surface of the star. Depending on the composition and mass of the star, this can occur through convection; a process by which hot material rises against gravity and cold material sinks. In the Sun it is thought that the outer 30% of the Sun is convective.

    The physics present in the Sun is very difficult to replicate in laboratories or numerical simulations. Thus, we still do not fully comprehend the convective structures and physics within the Sun and stars. Here, we strive to better understand the unique convective physics present in the interior of stars through the techniques of helio- or asteroseismology. 

    The sun and stars generate lots of energy in their core through fusion. This heat must escape and in the Sun this heat loss occurs through convection in the outer 30% of the interior. Convection is where hot material rises to the surface, cools and sinks again to be heated in the interior.

Group Members

Collaborators: Martin Woodard, Jeroen Tromp, Srijan Das, Prasad Mani, Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research,TIFR Seismology Group

"The roundest natural object ever measured". Using the technique of asteroseismology, we have measured, with amazing precision, the oblateness of Kepler 11145123. We found that this star is the roundest natural object ever measured.


Students and researchers interested in working with the Solar and Stellar Physics Group should contact for more information.