Virtues of Attention: Ethics, Agency, Mind

The Virtues of Attention project at New York University will investigate the role of attention in ethics, agency, and mind. It will draw together research expertise from the three NYU campuses, unified under a common research theme. There will be an emphasis on the creation of a nucleated network, drawing regional talent into a broader structure of collaboration.

There is considerable research interest across the NYU Global Network in Buddhist, Chinese, Latin, and Arabic traditions of reflection on attention, as well as in its contemporary role in philosophical theory, developmental psychology, and cognitive science.

The Virtues of Attention project has received funding initially to run until the middle of 2018, and workshops will be held in each of the three portals that collectively constitute New York University.

Areas of Research

  • the question of whether attention is a single psychological kind;
  • the relation between attention and agency; and
  • the ethical implications of habits of attention.