Iryna Nadyukova

Research Assistant Affiliation: NYU Abu Dhabi
Education: BA Psychology (summa cum laude)

Iryna joined Teaching, Learning and Development Lab in January 2015 as a student research assistant. She has worked on several research projects focusing on the quality of teacher-child interactions in the kindergarten classrooms in the UAE, collecting and analyzing various types of data. Iryna also completed a senior capstone project that investigated the effects of mindsets on students' academic motivation across different educational contexts. After graduating from NYUAD in 2016 Iryna coordinated data collection for a study on teachers’ stress and its relation to the quality of kindergarten classroom teaching in Ukraine.


Iryna’s research interests include teacher-child interactions, teachers’ stress and their relations to various cultural contexts. Currently, Iryna manages a research project on teachers’ gaze behavior and its relation to the quality of teacher-child interactions and teacher stress. She develops data analysis strategies and directs the work of a team of student research assistants on the project.