• 2018 Publications

    Muhonen, H., Pakarinen, E., Lerkkanen, M.-K., Barza, L., & Suchodoletz, A. v. (2018). Patterns of dialogic teaching in kindergarten classrooms of Finland and the United Arab Emirates. Learning, Culture, and Social Interaction.

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    Slot, P. L., & Suchodoletz, A. v.1 (2018). Bidirectionality in preschool children’s executive functions and language skills: Is one developing skill the better predictor of the other? Early Childhood Research Quarterly, 42, 205-214.

    1 equal contribution; co-first authors

    Wuermli, A. J., Suchodoletz, A. v., & Abubakar, A. (in press). Measurement for change: Advancing the sustainable development goal for education through rigorous measurement. In A. Petersen & S. Verma (Eds.), Sustainable development goals and contribution of developmental science. New York, NY: Springer.   

  • 2017 Publications

    Suchodoletz, A. v., Lee, D., S., Premechandra, B., & Yoshikawa, H. (2017). Associations among quality indicators in early childhood education and care (ECEC) and relations with child development and learning: A meta-analysis. Report for the Organization of Economic Co-Operation and Development.

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    Gunzenhauser, C., Stiller, A.-K., & Suchodoletz, A. v (2017). Kognitive Neubewertung statt Unterdrückung von Emotionen: Emotionsregulation und Leistung bei Grundschulkindern [Cognitive reappraisal or suppression: Emotion regulation and academic performance of elementary school children]. In G. Hagenauer & T. Hascher (Hrsg.), Emotionen und Emotionsregulation in der Schule [Emotions and emotion regulation in school]. Münster, Germany: Waxmann.

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