Tamas Panda

Tamas Panda, Postdoctoral Associate, NYUAD

Postdoctoral Associate Affiliation: NYU Abu Dhabi
Email: tkp1@nyu.edu
Education: MS, Gurughasidas Central University, Bilaspur; PhD, National Chemical Laboratory;

Dr. Tamas Panda was born in West Bengal, India. After obtaining his Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry (2005) from the Vidyasagar University, he moved to the Gurughasidas Central University, Bilaspur to pursue his Master degree (2007). He joined to Dabur Pharma Company and worked as a chemist for 1.5 years. He then moved to National Chemical Laboratory, Pune, and in 2014 was awarded a PhD in Chemistry. After that, he joined Kyoto University, Japan, as JSPS post-doctoral fellow. His past research focused on the solid-state synthesis of porous coordination polymers for energy and environmental applications. In Prof. Naumov’s group, his research will focus on synthesis and characterization of stimuli-responsive crystalline materials.


Dr. Panda research focus is on synthesis and characterization of stimuli-responsive crystalline materials, Photochemistry, Photocalorimetry, Jumping crystal.