• Books

    Müller, Henriette. Steering the Path of Europe: Political Leadership and the EU Commission Presidency ( in preparation).     

  • Journals

    Müller, Henriette, Femke van Esch and Marij Swinkels, “The European Union and Political Leadership: A State of Research, 1990-2017,”  (forthcoming, 2018).

    Müller, Henriette, and Femke van Esch, “What Makes Collaborative Leadership Successful? The Cognitive Dimension of European Integration, ”  (forthcoming, 2017).

    Müller, Henriette, “Unexplored Parallels: Political Leadership and Economic Policy Across Regime Types” ( in preparation).

    Müller, Henriette, "Between potential, performance and prospect: Revisiting the political leadership of the EU commission president." Politics and Governance 4, no. 2 (2016) 68-79.

    Müller, Henriette, "Setting Europe’s agenda: the Commission presidents and political leadership." Journal of European Integration 39, no. 2 (2017): 129-142.