Al Obeidli, Noura

Humanities Research Fellow Affiliation: NYU Abu Dhabi
Education: Bachelor of Science in Communication and Media Studies, Zayed University (UAE), Master of Arts in Strategic Public Relations, Zayed University (UAE), Ph.D. of Media, Arts and Design, University of Westminster (UK)

Research Areas: Feminism, Patriarchy, Media Studies, News Sociology, Gender Politics, Women Empowerment, Anthropology, Journalism, Press Freedom, Media Ethics, and Media Law

Noura’s research is the first empirical study that investigates gender dynamics in The Emirates’ newsrooms, with a focus on the influence of the tribal, patriarchal culture in determining Emirati women’s role as newsmakers.

Noura’s research observes and documents the newsroom norms and journalism practices in The Emirates using ethnography at the aim to highlight specific themes that are extremely under-examined, including gender dynamics in the newsroom and self-censorship practice in the newsroom.

Noura’s research in this field began at the University of Westminster, where she defended her doctoral dissertation in April 2020.

As a fellow at NYUAD, Noura will expand her research on the newsroom culture and gender dynamics in The Emirates by focusing primarily on tribalism, which is highly under-examined as a political and socio-cultural concept within the complex structure of Emirati society, and its particular impact on Emirati women’s quest to develop an identity through self-expression, and on their representation in the field of journalism.