Tropato, Anne-Lise

Humanities Research Fellow Affiliation: NYU Abu Dhabi

Research Areas: Early Modern Art History, Republic of Letters, Cultural transfer studies, History of collections, Old Master Prints, History of the protection of artistic propriety, Artistic and cultural history of falconry

Anne-Lise Tropato received her PhD in Early Modern Art History at the University of Rome II (Italy). She works at NYU Abu Dhabi as Research Fellow. Her main research interests focus on the artistic and cultural history of falconry, and on artistic, intellectual and cultural international relationships in Early Modern Europe. She has published on topics such as the analysis of serial imagery, trans-frontier transmission of artistic models, history of visual imagery, and history of great European collections.

Work in progress and upcoming publications:

  • Falconry: good practices of safeguarding between intangible and tangible heritage (forthcoming)
  • Falconry as Digital Humanity: some theoretical and technical implications (forthcoming)
  • An impossible flight: falconry in imago mortis (XIII-XV century) (forthcoming)
  • Gendering falconry: a story of women emancipation and empowerment
  • A new paradigm for the "Man of falcon”? When post-revolutionary falconry meets the Orient