Research Fellows

Eli Dollarhide

Research interests: Arabian archaeology; prehistoric Middle East; ancient landscapes; the origins of urbanism; cultural ecology; ceramics analysis

Esmat Elhalaby

Research interests: Global intellectual history, colonialism and anti-colonialism, the global south

Huma Gupta

Research interests: Urban History, Migration, Architecture, State Formation, Development Discourses

Jan Loop

Research interests: the intellectual, religious and cultural history of Europe and the Near East, with a special focus on Western knowledge of the Arab, Ottoman and Persian world between 1450 – 1800.

Laila Prager

Research interests: Anthropology of the Middle East, Heritage Discourses in the GCC, Identity and Cultural Politics, Kinship and Gender, Migration and Transnationalism, Islam and "Heterodox" Religious Groups, Public Health and Medical Anthropology

Mohammed Rustom

Research interests: Islamic philosophy, Sufism, and Quranic hermeneutics

Ayman Shihadeh

Research interests: Intellectual history of the pre-modern Islamic world, especially the history of philosophy and theology

Anne-Lise Tropato

Research interests: Artistic, intellectual and cultural international relationships during 16th and 17th centuries

John Zaleski

Research interests: Asceticism, Sufism, Monasticism, Syriac Christianity, Muslim-Christian Interaction, Scriptural Exegesis, Islamic Theology & Philosophy