Research Fellows

Giuliano Garavini

Research interests: European integration, decolonization and the Global South

Yannis Hadjinicolaou

Research interests: Art and art theory of the early modern period; theory and history of the history of art; synagonism in the arts; political iconography; falconry

Jan Loop

Research interests: Intellectual, religious and cultural history of Europe and the Near East, with a special focus on Western knowledge of the Arab, Ottoman, and Persian world between 1450-1800

Henriette Mueller

Research interests:  Comparative politics, comparative government and governance studies with a particular focus on political leadership

Laila Prager

Research interests: Ethnographic research among Bedouin societies in Syria and Jordan, with a special emphasis on the narrative representation and performance of the past

Mohammed Rustom

Research interests: Islamic philosophy, Sufism, and Quranic hermeneutics

Anne-Lise Tropato

Research interests: Artistic, intellectual and cultural international relationships during 16th and 17th centuries