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NYUAD researchers are frequently featured in local and international news media.

Arts & Culture: Tracing the visual history of falconry in the UAE
Anne-Lise Tropato talks to Gulf News about this important fixture in Arabian culture.
Gulf News | May 19, 2020 

A Dutchman's quest to translate Bedouin poetry takes him to Ras Al Khaimah
Marcel Kurpershoek is seeking to understand the 17th century writings of folk hero Ibn Dhaher for an English-language book.
The National | March 8, 2020

'The Rise and Fall of Opec' is essential reading to understand the modern energy world and Middle East
Giuliano Garavini's book is a corrective to Western-centric accounts of the organisation, and a rare insight into international diplomacy at work.
The National | January 20, 2020

What falconry can teach us about diplomacy and feminism 
A new course at NYU – Abu Dhabi is using falconry to teach students about everything from art history to heritage and the role of women in society.
The National | November 28, 2019

The European Qur’an (EuQu) Awarded €10 million ERC Synergy Grant
Dr. Jan Loop, along with an international team of researchers, will study how the Quran has been interpreted, adapted, and used in Christian Europe from the Middle Ages through to early modern history.
European Research Council (ERC) | October 23, 2018

How the falcon became a symbol of regal power
A research project at NYUAD looks at the bird of prey’s place in history as an emblem of wealth and authority.
The National | May 26, 2018

New Poetry Program on Al Arabiya TV Featuring Marcel Kurpershoek
The new poetry program started on Al Arabiya TV with an episode on the subject of Marcel Kurpershoek's recent edition of LAL (on the early 18th century satirical poet Humeidan al-Shuway'ir).
Al Arabiya TV (in Arabic) | March 17, 2018

Falconry Research Project: database by UAE researchers shows ubiquity of predatory bird
Researchers at New York University Abu Dhabi are compiling a database of falconry imagery through history.
The National | December 7, 2017

Coaxing the Lizard Out of His Burrow: Marcel Kurpershoek on Hmedan al-Shwe’ir and Najdi Poetry Before Wahhabism
In a talk over Skype, Kurpershoek and M. Lynx Qualey discussed the critical importance of this little-translated poetry. In this second part of their discussion, Kurpershoek talks about the available manuscripts, the ways in which the print editions of Hmedan’s work were censored, the Golden Age of Nabati poetry, and more.
Arablit | December 13, 2017 

Marcel Kurpershoek on Translating 18th-century Nabati Poetry That Still ‘Smells Like Fresh Bread’
Marcel Kurpershoek, editor-translator of Hmedan al-Shweʿir’s Arabian Satire: Poetry from 18th Century Najd, first became acquainted with Nabati poetry in the 1980s, while working as a diplomat in Saudi Arabia, and soon was drawn to the diwan of Hmedan, “maybe the No. 1 poet” in the Nabati tradition.
Arablit | December 4, 2017