NYU Shanghai Center for Global Asia

The Center for Global Asia at NYU Shanghai serves as the hub within the NYU Global Network University system to promote the study of Asian interactions, both historical and contemporary. The overall objective of the Center is to provide global societies with information on the contexts for the reemerging connections between the various parts of Asia through research and teaching. This includes exploring how the polities and societies of Asia have interacted over time and are now beginning to interact again on broad fronts.

The Center also encourages the examination of Asia’s connections with the wider world, focusing specifically on how these connections have in the past and at present impact Asian societies. Collaborating not only with the various NYU campuses and portal sites, but also with other institutions across the world, the Center seeks to play a bridging role between existing Asian studies knowledge silos. It will take the lead in drawing connections and comparisons between the existing fields of Asian studies, and stimulating new ways of understanding Asia in a globalized world.

Minor in South Asian Studies

The Minor in South Asian Studies, which is administered by the Department of History, provides students with a broad comparative perspective on South Asia and the opportunity for greater concentration on a specific topic of interest or geographical locale. There is a wide range of options. Students might choose, for instance, to study a language and its literature, explore aspects of the colonial and postcolonial histories of South Asia, investigate the art and architecture of the region, explore contemporary political dynamics, analyze literary forms and cinema, or track the South Asian diaspora.

The course of study encompasses a range of disciplines, including Anthropology, History, Political Science, Art History, Literature, and two modern languages (Hindi and Urdu). Through a consortial exchange program with Columbia University, students may also study one of the region’s many modern or classical languages.

Asian Film and Media Initiative

Asia features prominently in the rapidly changing global economic and cultural landscape. Housed at the Department of Cinema Studies, Tisch at NYU, the AFMI is envisioned to be a multifaceted hub for teaching, research, public outreach, and transnational networking related to both historical and contemporary formations of Asian film and media. We conceive Asia to comprise all countries east of Bosphorus, yet the Initiative will also engage various trans-Asian interactions that include the Asian-Pacific region and the Asian diaspora.

The film and media forms that our curricular offerings, research projects and public events will try to encompass include film (originally made on celluloid), video, TV, radio, and digital media, as well as the political economy of the film and media industry, audiences, mass culture, media activism, and experimental audiovisual arts in a variety of forms and formats.