Graduate Programs

The Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs Office oversees all aspects of the graduate programs and graduate student life for the NYUAD campus. Partnering closely with the NYU Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and the Tandon School of Engineering, the office supports students in 11 different programs in the fields of Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Engineering, Physics, and Psychology, as well as additional visiting students and others here for dissertation fellowships.

In addition to guiding students through the fellowship application, visa application, and enrollment process, the office also allocates housing units and provides additional educational and professional development opportunities for graduate students and postdoctoral associates, along with organizing social functions through student committees.The office also works alongside faculty to develop an Individual Learning Plan for all postdoctoral associates. The goal of the office is to create a thriving community at NYUAD for graduate and postdoctoral students, supporting a holistic approach to their education and serving as a resource for over 200 people contributing greatly to our institution.

Interim Vice Provost of Graduate and Postdoctoral Programs, Global Network Professor of Engineering, Engineering, NYUAD

Sunil Kumar

Interim Vice Provost of Graduate and Postdoctoral Programs


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Key People

Erin Anderson

Associate Director, Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs 

Ross Fleming

Graduate Life and Residential Manager, Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs

Karl Kalinkewicz

Graduate Academics and Engagement Manager