Our Learning Community

Our Learning Community is an inaugural initiative by the Office of the Vice Chancellor and partner offices, for all NYU Abu Dhabi community members to share their knowledge, skills, and hobbies with each other. Mini-courses range from parkour to portrait photography, traveling solo to tote-bag painting.

Join us on February 28, 2023
3.30pm to 6.45pm
John Sexton Square

We Are All Learners and Educators

Building on our philosophy that we are all learners and educators, all community members – including students, staff, faculty, and contracted colleagues – were invited to propose and teach a 25-minute mini-course of their own design. The list of mini-courses for the day is outlined below.

Through a day of dialogue, creativity, and growth, we hope to cultivate belonging and foster sustained learning in the NYUAD community. Courses will be on a first come first serve basis, and you can attend as many of these mini-courses as you like. 

Event Day Schedule

Timings Classroom One Classroom Two Classroom Three Classroom Four
3.30-4pm Opening remarks

How to Make a Cup of Maté

Maté is made from the dried leaves of Yerba Mate and has an earthy flavor similar to that of matcha and green tea but with a stronger sense. Learn about the history and cultural significance of the drink while making your own Maté.

Making Video Games

Discover more about the scope of the gaming industry and the tools to build and monetize video games.

Tatreez Together: The Collective Art of Palestinian Embroidery

Learn about Palestinian embroidery while creating your own basic cross-stitch.



Give stress a knockout blow with an introduction to boxing!

Athletic clothes recommended.


Game Breakers

Bored or frustrated with generic icebreakers for your classroom, meetings, or gatherings? Learn how some simple and quick games could help set a positive tone. Come ready to play and observe.


Climate Crisis: Sustainability and New Technology for Circular Waste Solutions

Our planet in crisis, mountains of waste and why we can still be hopeful. This course will explain the basic concept of sustainability and the enormous potential of new technology solutions to the waste challenge.

Ecosystem in a Bottle

A terrarium is a garden of plants growing in a clear container. Create your own in this step-by-step workshop and how the plant may survive inside a sealed container.

Pitching 101: How to Create an Effective Pitch

Discover practical tips on how to create an effective startup and idea presentations that will lead to sales, investments, and customers.


From the Novelty to the Nefarious- Speedrunning the History of Some of the World's Fascinating Pieces of Jewelery

This session will examine the history of some of the world's most fascinating pieces of jewelry, during which you will have the opportunity to design a piece.

Entry to Portrait Photography in Natural Light

Learn the basics of portrait photography, such as composition, lighting, and posing, using your phone.

How to be a Regenerative Human

Inspired by Paul Hawken’s book “Regeneration: Ending the Climate Crisis in One Generation,” you will learn about how you can be regenerative in your life in your own way.

Moving Your Body & Soul - Contemporary Dance Improvisation

Explore improvised dance and how feelings can be expressed through movement.

Athletic clothes recommended.



The basic guide to learn the art of beautiful writing.

Solo Travel Tricks and Tips for the Ladies

Discuss how to have a successful and safe trip as a woman, and learn tricks for travel aspects such as accommodation, flights, activities, and budgeting.

Science in Relation to Art

Discuss science and its relationship to art, and how the two combined can be a model for improving our lives.

What's in a Name

What's your story? Join this facilitated discussion to discover how names hold meaning, create community, perpetuate othering, and define identity.


Knitting for Knewbies

Learn basic knitting skills with guided support to get started on a new hobby.

Designing Your Living Space for Health & Well-being

Our homes can support our well-being, health, productivity, and even longevity. We spend so much time in our homes, especially living in the UAE. This course will teach you to make simple, accessible design choices to create healthier and more comfortable living environments.


Brushstrokes and Bags: A Tote-ally Fun Painting Workshop

Tote bag painting art is a form of creative expression that involves transforming plain canvas totes into unique and personalized works of art. You will have the opportunity and materials to paint your own tote-bag.

An Introduction to Parkour

Learn about the mindsets and risk management practices behind parkour as a sport, and try out some basic moves under professional guidance.

Activewear and covered shoes are recommended.

6.30-6.45pm Closing raffle draw