Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging

The value of diversity, inclusion and belonging  is embedded in all the work that we do at NYUAD and is central to the NYUAD missionThe Office of Faculty Development and Diversity, develops and supports multiple ways of promoting inclusion and belonging among all faculty. We believe that diversity is essential for excellence, and we work to enhance faculty achievement and talent through creating a climate of inclusion and belonging.  We provide access to materials, resources, host events and workshops and are available for consultation. We work closely with The Office of Inclusion & Equity at NYUAD (login required) and The Office of Global Inclusion at NYUNY, where excellent resources on race, racism and tools to support our commitment to anti-racism are developed, including this Anti-Racism Education Resource List.

What We Do

We work to enhance faculty diversity through development and implementation of diversity goals for faculty recruitment.  Through training, consultation and providing strategies and resources for inclusive faculty search committees we aim to recruit the most excellent and innovative faculty in the world. The Vice Provost for Faculty Development and Diversity collaborates with Academic HR Affairs and members of the senior NYUAD leadership to actualize these goals through multiple approaches, including: 

  • Regular workshops on best practices for faculty recruitment, for all who serve on faculty search committees
  • Workshops on strategies to mitigate unconscious bias for faculty search committee members, chairs and administrators
  • Development of a Toolkit for Recruiting Diverse Faculty at NYUAD
  • One-on-one consultation with all stakeholders involved in faculty recruitment
  • Candidate outreach and engagement
  • Data analysis 
  • Facilitating network expansion for reaching diverse candidate pools for faculty positions

What is Inclusion?
NYU definition: The degree to which diversity is embedded, integrated, and involved.

Inclusion is an active process in which diversity is viewed as an important resource, and where we value ourselves and others because of and not despite our differences (or similarities). In an inclusive system, everyone—across multiple types of differences—should be empowered as a full participant and contributor who feels and is connected to the larger collective without having to give up individual uniqueness, cherished identities, or vital qualities.  This is achieved through a combination of individual behaviors and attitudes, group norms, leadership approaches, and organizational policies and practices (Ferdman, 2014; Ferdman, 2017).

What is Equity?
NYU definition: Fairness and parity in distribution of resources based on historical and contemporary differentials that mitigate participation in society.

Equity can be thought of through the lens of fairness and social justice, with the recognition of structural factors that disadvantage and marginalize certain groups (Vargas-Tamex, 2019).  Equity differs from equality in that it takes into account pre-existing inequality to ensure fairness. When one recipient or group has historically received fewer resources or opportunities than another, for example, a strictly equal allocation merely perpetuates the status quo (Rizzo & Killen, 2016)

Committees, Offices and Events

Office of Inclusion and Equity

The Office of Inclusion and Equity (OIE), (login required) is responsible for leading and advancing NYUAD's implementation of practices and programs that foster inclusion and equity in our workplace.  This office primarily serves NYUAD faculty, staff, academic support, post-doctoral, and research employees.

The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee

The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Committee, formed in the academic year 2017-2018 to provide guidance to NYUAD’s senior leadership and assist our community in leveraging diversity towards a more inclusive institution. The DEIC is a standing campus committee. The DEI Advisory Board serves this committee and the university.  The elected members of the Advisory Board represent all the faculty and staff constituencies at NYUAD.  The DEIC and Advisory Board  liaise with the other efforts on campus focused on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion for student, faculty and staff.

Search Committee Workshops

This 1.5 hour workshop (login required to view materials) developed by the Vice Provost for Faculty Development and Diversity and Academic HR Affairs aims to provide guidelines and effective strategies, and discuss best practices for faculty searches for Search Committee members. Resources are provided for all faculty to review. All first time members of search committees are required to participate in a workshop at the start of their service. 

Emerging Scholars

To enhance recruitment efforts and to support the ability of NYUAD to recruit the brightest scholars from diverse backgrounds across the globe, we have developed the Emerging Scholars program.

Unconscious Bias Training

In depth workshops to understand and mitigate unconscious bias are held for committee members working on faculty recruitment, promotion and tenure and for administrators engaged in faculty recruitment. 

Dual Career Support

We work closely with the office of Eligible Dependent Career Support to provide guidance for dual career families. This outreach enables NYUAD to recruit the most outstanding faculty in the world and to support the work- life balance of our faculty. For more information, contact nyuad.edcsp@nyu.edu.