Joining the Virtual Ceremony

What to expect on the day of Commencement

On Saturday, May 22, the Commencement web page will be updated to include a button that links through to the virtual ceremony, where a countdown will be displayed for the final few hours before the ceremony is due to start.

Following the ceremony, the full ceremony, will be made available on the Commencement web page and YouTube.

How to access the ceremony

A button linking to the ceremony will be added to the top of the Commencement web page on the morning of Saturday, May 22. When you click this button, the ceremony will launch in a new window. We recommend you use Google Chrome in order to get the best virtual experience.

To access the ceremony, you will be asked to enter your First and Last Name. Guests are also asked to review our Terms of Use for the chat feature:

Commencement Chat Terms of Use

We encourage comments and conversation, but ask that you please be respectful of one another. NYU Abu Dhabi (NYUAD) is not responsible for comments or any other content posted by other users and reserves the right to remove any user-generated content for any reason.

Inappropriate comments that contain vulgar language, hate speech, and personal attacks of any sort will be deleted immediately. Spam or comments promoting commercial sites or products with no relevance to account or organization will also be deleted immediately. If deemed necessary, NYUAD reserves the right to block those users from commenting again.

If you have any problems accessing the ceremony, please contact our service provider

How to use the platform: joining, languages, and bandwidth

After entering your First and Last Name, the virtual ceremony will load. If you are accessing this before the pre-program events begin at 4:15pm (GST), you will be prompted to press the play button and you will see the countdown. If you are entering the platform after 4:15pm, you will be prompted to press the play button and you will join the ceremony.


By default, the ceremony will play in English.

Arabic, Spanish, and Russian will also be available. To change the language you must pause the video first, then click the language selection tool in the bottom left hand corner of the platform window, and select the required language. After the required language has been selected, you will be prompted to press the play button to re-join the ceremony.


If you are using WiFi or have an unstable internet connection, you will have an option available to select a lower bandwidth which should improve your enjoyment of the ceremony. To change the bandwidth, click the bandwidth selection tool in the bottom right hand corner of the platform window. For best results, we recommend you use the “auto” setting.