Cost of Attendance

The budgets below represent the estimated annual cost (in US dollars) of education for full-time undergraduate students at NYU Abu Dhabi. The calculations include tuition and school fees, foreign travel for study integral to a student's academic program, room and board, health insurance, personal expenses, books, and many campus life activities.

Annual adjustments to the costs and fees at NYU Abu Dhabi may be necessary. Estimated travel cost is based on two round trip tickets to and from home and NYU Abu Dhabi each year. Students’ travel costs may vary based on their home location and other factors.


Important Considerations

  • The estimated cost of attendance may differ from a student's charges once they are posted on their university (bursar) bill, as the cost of attendance is an estimated amount.
  • Students must be covered by health insurance that originates in the UAE to be eligible for the required entry visa. As such, health insurance is a mandatory fee and charges vary.

Estimated Cost of Attendance in 2021-2022

Calculations in US dollars


How Is Financial Support Applied to the Cost of Attendance?

The Cost of Attendance (COA) represents the estimated annual cost of education for a full-time undergraduate student for one academic year (the above COA reflects the fall and spring semesters only). Being enrolled in 12-18 credits is considered being a full-time student. Annual adjustments to the costs and fees at NYU Abu Dhabi may be necessary and expected. The estimated COA consists of direct and indirect expenses.

Direct expenses are costs that are charged by the university via your university bill. The Student Finance Office will send out billing notifications each semester. Charges that will be displayed on your university bill will include tuition, registration and services fees, books, health insurance, and room and board (meals).

For students whose offer  includes the “NYUAD Financial Support” award, the amount offered will apply first to tuition, registration and services fees, books, and health insurance accordingly. If your offer includes the “NYUAD Housing Support” award, the amount offered will be deducted from your NYU room and board (meal) charges.

Indirect expenses are costs that students may incur during the academic year that are not charged by the university. In other words, these costs will not be on your university (bursar) bill. These estimated expenses may vary for each student. Indirect costs include estimated personal and estimated travel expenses.

If your financial support offer includes the “NYUAD Personal Support” and “NYUAD Travel Support” awards, you will receive additional information from the Student Finance Office and the Office of Global Education on how those awards will be provided. Any student whose total NYU Abu Dhabi financial support award does not cover their full university charges will be responsible for any remaining costs.

Students who file the CSS Profile application annually, and who are eligible to receive financial support will be notified by the Office of Financial Support.


Travel Planning

It is important to note if your financial support has the “NYUAD Travel Support” award listed, you should not make your own travel arrangements as the Office of Global Education will send you more information and instructions about your travel to Abu Dhabi in mid-May.

If your financial support does not offer the travel support award, please make sure you book a flight landing in Abu Dhabi during the scheduled move-in dates for Marhaba. Due to UAE visa regulations, it is necessary for all flights to be booked to arrive in Abu Dhabi (not Dubai or Sharjah).

Please note that in mid-May you will also receive more information about the UAE visa process. Once the visa procurement process begins, please do not plan any kind of travel through the UAE prior to Marhaba as this would invalidate the entry permit the University will be arranging for you.

If you have any questions about travel and visa requirements you may send your inquiry to the Office of Global Education — Student Mobility at:


Study Away Financial Support


NYUAD tuition, registration and services fees, and on-campus room and board (meal) charges will be covered by NYU Abu Dhabi for three January term (J-Term) sessions for all students. Depending on demonstrated academic need, a fourth J-Term may also be supported.

Summer Study

NYUAD tuition, registration and services fees, and on-campus room and board (meal) charges will be covered by NYU Abu Dhabi for one summer course in Abu Dhabi. Additional summer terms may be supported based on demonstrated academic need.